Here it is, the final update of our website. It took some weeks because what words are there to describe the end of that thing you condsider as your 'little child'? Friday the 23th of september was the date of our final show; a decade of DOTF. We went on and on untill sunrise knowing these were the final sounds of DOTF... a bit emotional but that made it exceptionally beautiful. All the right people were there, but still you could tell it was a final goodbye. I won't describe everything we accomplished in the last 10 years, just google it!

But i do want to thank a couple of persons in particular;

Marnix : ICT (hosting, broadcasting, support)
Jeff : staff, designer, co-host
Patrick : staff, co-host
Robert : staff, co-host
Maxime : staff, web content
Patricia : co-host
Marius : webdesign

DJ Tumbler
DJ Spy-D
DJ Miss Monica
DJ Stanton
DJ Gijs
DJ Stylo
DJ Xrazz
DJ Darkraver
DJ Panic
DJ Taa
DJ Vince
DJ C.mon
DJ Maynor
DJ Red Alert
DJ Candy Cutz
DJ Peru
DJ Ruthless
DJ Ricky da Dragon
DJ Arjan V
DJ Waxweazle
DJ Reiner
DJ Pita
DJ Reza
DJ Smurf
DJ Spike
DJ Jaydee
DJ Niel
DJ Redrum
DJ Paul Elstak
DJ Red Delicious
DJ Hilarious
DJ Frantic Freak
DJ Defendor
DJ Lars
DJ Onrust & Rotjong

and of course all of the other DJ's who ever played at a DOTF show or party! Most special thanks and respect goes to ROBIN ALBERS, ARNO VAN DEN HOF, SANDRA & OSCAR, ANCO & LENKA, FAM. BANNINK, FAM. STEENBEEK, FAM. VINCENT, GIJS, RODNEY, TED, JJAY, VKMAG.COM and FULL THROTTLE.

And some music clouds that might be usefull to you :

Jeff London

One more thing : i decided long ago that 10 years of DOTF would be enough for me, and i hope everyone understands and respect that decision. Though. . . i will never quit the music business and you may expect new concepts from our crew in the near future. Also please feel free to contact us or me.

We will definately meet again!

PS. During last ten years we archived every single show/set/record attempt, 'shout outs' ;) etc. We are looking for someone that can offer steady/stable hosting. (archive = 120gb) Please contact us.


Mar + the whole DOTF crew.



SO THAT'S IT..that was our summer holiday!

Unfortunately the weather in Holland was pretty bad so we all went abroad to spend our holidays. Now we're all back and it's time for a well deserved update!

The past few months we had the time to think hard how to fill the last few upcoming shows, and we are going to live up to our promises. There are still a few awesome shows ahead filled with the most fantastic DJ's and moments you'll never ever forget.

Starting friday the 19th of august...that night we'll give a big welcome to a true early hardcore specialist; DJ Frantic Freak! Of course a large part of our resident DJ's will be there so Oldskool and Early Rave will dominate the show....believe that! The date of our final show still isn't set and we're not going to tell you all so be sure to check out every upcoming show! If you'd like to be part of the last few upcoming shows (as a DJ or as just a guest) you can always mail to . One last thing; by many demand we are going to offer you the whole 10 years of DOTF as a download. This will take some time but fortunately we have some die-hard fans who will help us create this huge database!

If you have any questions or remarks, be sure to mail us...but most important; be there the 19th of august!

The Crew.




Friday the 13th is known for its bad luck, but we say…FUCK THAT! Friday the 13th will from now on be the day on which DOTF brings you only EARLY RAVE on a very special way, and without disgrace!

By popular demand, and after years of waiting, the moment is there….we’ll bring you the true early hardcore sound in a special dedicated DOTF show! We’re very busy to reach the DJ’s of the good old days to give them yet another stage to do what they do best….to spin some crazy early hardcore tunes! Other than the date, 13th of may 2011, that’s all we can say for now. Be there, or be square!

The Crew.




DOTF is known for its underground concept and most of all for being creative in oldskool streaming over the last ten years. Within those ten years we got many support from fans, friends and DJ’s!

Guys like Cyrill, Reiner had put a lot of effort in DOTF years ago. And as we speak, they created their own radio broadcast / multi media stream 2.0 and this is one worth to mention; lots of jump, U.C., hardcore etc etc, definitely a stream/broadcast to add to your favorites.

So this is our way to pay respect for all the effort they put in DOTF years ago. Check out these guys, knowing that DOTF will shortly quit the business the way you got used to for about ten years.

These guys are for real:

Next DOTF show will be broadcasted last week of april / first week of may. If you would like to be mentioned whenever we have a mid-week broadcast please :
- Check our 27K replied topic on Partyflock
- Add us, @ Twitter !
- Add 'Mar' (owner DOTF) on Facebook

PS. The guy who was spinning his records as if his life depended on it, together with DJ Vince.. is also to be found at facebook. Mr. Stylo.

The Crew.




DOTF update! We’re quite busy here at DOTF; because upcoming show could be one of the sickest shows in our history (for example; Vince and Stylo will perform a back2back set).

The studio already had a technical overhaul and tomorrow Mar, owner of DOTF, is going to get up early in the morning to go out and buy a new compressor/limiter to make sure everything in the studio will be in TIP-TOP shape!

But most important…..what was the occasion for upcoming show?

DJ’s Sneaky-D and Stylo have become best buds since the DJ Contest in march 2010; Stylo was getting Sneak back in his early-rave state, and in return Sneak teached Stylo a thing or two about oldskool (last could grow out to be a hit). Because their birthdays are respectively April 6th and April 15th, they decided to celebrate it together.

Apart from that DJ’s Panic, Lars, Vince, Jeff London, C.Mon, Maynor and Xrazz (who often travel great distances) will also join the party to make the show complete. Be aware, birthdays are seriously celebrated at DOTF!! This means no sitting on the same seat for the evening but lots of drinking and partying! But most of all….we’ll bring you the best music ‘till the early birds rise and shine! All the more reason to be there with us upcoming Friday, starting at 20.00 hours. Unfortunately DJ Gijs had to cancel due to private situations (Gijs, again…we wish you all the best!)

So…Friday 20.00h, drop everything, tune in and join us! DOTF at its best….see y’all then!

20:00 - 20:45 C.mon
20:45 - 21:30 Sneaky-D vs Xrazz
21:30 - 22:15 Lars
22:15 - 23:00 Panic
23:00 - 00:00 Vince vs Stylo
00:00 - 00:45 Jeff London
00:45 - 01:30 Maynor
01:30 - ..... >>>>

The Crew.




Finally spring is in the air in Holland, and damn this feels good! Last month our friend Julia (DJ Candy Cutz) visited our studio and she once again showed her sick breakbeat skills. Apart from that, DJ's Maynor, Sneaky-D and Stylo also blew the roof off the studio. The whole show, wich ended in a sick back2back2back2back breakbeat/hardcore set, has been recorded and is now ready for you to download.

Now back in the present; next month (April) our show is planned. Please be sure to write down april 8th as your 'stay-at-home-and-listen-to-DOTF-Radio-because-upcoming-show-will-be-one-to-remeber' night as Sneaky-D and Stylo will celebrate their birthdays together!!!!

The full line-up and more info will be released within a few days so be sure to check out the website!

In the meantime...stay true to da oldskool! Peace!

PS. Sneaky-D (founder of DOTF) decided to start sharing some old mixtapes by using soundcloud...

The Crew.



Happy Valentine! .. and more..

Last friday we had an amazing freestyle show starring DJ’s Stanton vs C.mon, Gijs, Sneaky-D and PeRu. As you'll all remember our promises concerning the final shows, we will only bring you the most wicked sounds / concepts… just because we would like to give you all something to remember DOTF like you're supposed to! To keep the schedule tight we will bring you another show this Saturday!

DOTF Ft. The history of House, Saturday february 19th there will be a back2back2back2back DJ set, starting from o’skool hiphop 'till 100% pumping early-rave. So be sure to check out this live set! After this, our friends of from the UK are going to pay us a vistit once again.... more info can be found in our broadcast schedule soon!

See you all, this Saturday!
PS. check our last show....


The Crew.



Save the best for ...

As you’ll all know by now… DOTF is going to quit the 'business' this year so :

No time to waste and let’s get busy with some serious sounds, coming up at our next show. This friday (28th of january) we’ll bring you the one and only DJ SMURF straight out of the UK!

Now this guy is truly one of a kind… usually spinning real noise at a high BPM level in several countries, but for this occasion he decided to stay true to the DOTF concept : OLDSKOOL! (so all you streamrippers get ready!)

Apart from Smurf, DJ Vince will also be in the house once again together with the DJ's Jeff London, Red Ace, Panic, Stylo, Sneaky-D and C-Mon. In our last news item, we made you a promise concerning the upcoming final shows, and therefore we’re all going to put ALL THE EFFORT in it to make sure this show will be a definite BANGER!!!

So get that stream running this friday starting at 20:00 (GTM +1) as we decided to ignore the 20:00 - 01:00 -modus ;) To answer your key question; “Will this be our last show?”, NO .. it will take at least four more shows until the end but like we said in our earlier news item ... only Mar knows, so tune in, press record and above all….ENJOY!

Peace out.


The Crew.




2010, a year never to forget for DOTF RADIO!

We really really would like to thank all you listeners AND DJ's for this more then fantastic year!

Our last show was kind of like a tribute to you ... on your demand .. all those emails with requests for UK Breakbeat. Together with Candy Cutz and the whole crew we once again brought you that shit! So the score at this moment for the UK and NL is 1-0. Next time we will visit the UK / NU-RAVE.COM!

Make the most of the upcoming days, christmas and the newyear!

For now, peace out .. DOWNLOAD OUR LAST SHOW

and spread the word of -> DOTF RADIO!!!


The Crew.




Most of you are still enjoying the last show (thanks for the massive reply's!) though we are working our way to the next show this month:

We present our last show this year so we really would like you all to tune in this friday the 3th of december for a nice combo of oldskool sounds and UK breakbeat. is one hell of an online radio concept. Be sure to support these guys if you like underground house sounds!

The year 2010 was a great period for DOTF, we gained more listeners / fans, consolidated with more DJ's and most of all ... we just continued with the absurd radio format we like to use during our shows. We will start our new DOTF-year with an extra radio format (more info soon!) but also we offer you some quality time to spin your vinyl records over here!! If you got what it takes and if you truly have investigated the 'DOTF scene' : please contact us for your moment of fame! We will invite you..

For now there is only one thing to say : Cancel all your appointments this friday , get the booze and call the neighbours with the message of a 'housewarming party', and get that stream roll'n @ 20:00 (GMT+1)

PS. @SMURF .. we are awaiting your call dude ;) (msg by Vince)

@SMURF, january would be great!


The Crew.




Last friday night was some night to remember, guys... WTF! Not only Vince and Darkraver showed their best skills, ALL the DJ's gave their best.. sick shit!

Jeff London still is under supervision of the medical team.. but he wanted to thank you all, the DJ's, visitors and listeners. Talking about 'listeners', what was wrong with you all?? We spinned till about six o'clock in the morning, and none of you thought like 'well maybe it's about time to get some sleep', and so we thought 'well ... why not spin the next record! lol '.

We never gained that much listeners, thanks all !!! :deep respect: Feel free to download the show, almost 10 hours of total madness!

Timetable :

20:00 - 21:30 DJ C.MON
21:30 - 23:30 VINCE vs DARKRAVER
00:00 - 01:00 JEFF LONDON
01:00 - 02:00 HAMDJ
02:00 - 05:30 SNEAKY-D vs STYLO

Next stop : DOTF RADIO Ft. DJ CANDY CUTZ , we will spend a new topic on that in about a few days.


The Crew.




Some people don’t like to celebrate their birthday, we simply don’t understand that kind of weirdness, but hey … just do the things the way you like them to do.

Though, when you turn into thirty you may not stop your friends by organizing your birthday bash right? One of our main forces behind DOTF (Jeff London) is that guy. Needless to say that we cannot give you all the details about this evening, only thing Jeff knows is that we are going to rock the shit out of our studio together with him.. So let this be your reason to tune in the 19th of November together with us!!!

We really would like to trigger you by telling about the line up .. but that would mess up the whole surprise part. So just tune in … Friday the 19th of November 2010, starting at 20:00 , ending at about 04:00 GMT +1. O, by the way, check out the flyer (Dutch only)

But there is more (really Mike? Tell us about it!!),

FINALLY our colleague from the UK, DJ Candy Cutzz will visit the DOTF studio!! Candy is known for her extreme breakbeat skills and therefore we contacted her months ago and agreed on a collaboration. Candy will join our resident DJ-list by being our first female resident DJ. Of course this message reached out to some of our finest breakbeat experts, and so DJ Taa will join her with this session together with Vince and (likely to be) Panic! So mark your agenda’s with a big cross at Friday December the 3rd!!!! These two shows will end our season of 2010, so be sure to check them both. That’s it for now, see you all the 19th!

The Crew.




One of our most respected resident dj's, DJ Stanton, is now finally connected to the wonderous world of Twitter. You can find him at

You've got to understand that this guy represents true oldschool, therefore he just recently discovered The World Wide Web.

So let's give him a warm welcome! DOTF will award the 200th follower with a goody bag!

(email us with your screen dump : )

The Crew.





After the breakbeat-session of Candy Cutz, we now bring you the download of our last DOTF show (The Reunion).

As you will notice, our stream is again in good shape.. we fixxed the problems of the past. NJOY!

(right click, save as)

The Crew.





Yep .. our last show kicked some ass once again. But before we provide you with that upload .. first things
first :

(right click, save as)

The Crew.





Next show – DOTF Reunion! Starting off this weekend we will present a DOTF Reunion show with the best classics & oldschool tracks banging through your speakers. DJ’s Ruthless, Arjan V, Spike, Jeff London and Sneaky-D will get behind the wheels of steel and perform their greatest skills! Tune in this Friday at 20.00h CET . The timetable will follow later this week.

And specially for this day, september the 14th, we would like to congrat Ashwin with his 12th birthday. Have a great day!

The crew

For more info, email :





As we promised you earlier, it’s time for some updates! So here we go:
First of all, we want to thank you all for hooking up with our radio stream, the last months we experienced some huge problems with the stream, it ‘clicked’ and did not work as it used to. We tried to fix the problem but never had success in that, until last weekend! Mar, Vince and Marnix started out replacing ‘so much equipment’ that either way it HAD to be solved. And so, after weekends of hard work, we simply found out that our Terratec soundcard was the problem starter. It’s fixed now!

Besides the hard work mentioned above, Mar (founder DOTF) received an email weeks ago from ‘DJ Candy Cutz’ (UK). It all started out with a ‘proper respect’ and ‘good job guys!’. But a few conversations later, it seemed out that this girl (Candy Cutz) would be the perfect add-on towards DOTF! She seemed to be playing her records, mostly breakbeat, in the UK at several radio stations and so we tried to find a way to work together. Why not let Candy tell the story by herself :

I've always loved the oldskool UK breakbeat sound, so you can imagine my reaction when I found DOTF. I was especially surprised to find out who was behind it. Having spent a great deal of my life in Holland, I know how this music is hardly accepted there. Here in the UK it's much better received as a lot of people are still into the breakbeat vibe - so much so that we even have the nu rave scene. Over at we have a community who are supporting new music that recaptures the intensity of oldskool. I just had to introduce it to the DOTF guys, because I know how much they enjoy rough breakbeats, rushy pianos, crazy stabs and so on. I'm glad I did and I'm very grateful that DOTF re-aired one of my live Nu-Rave shows. Supporting each other we can take the new music and also the oldskool to new audiences. So now it's time for Dutch and UK crews to join forces.

- back to us -

So that’s about our story with the UK and Candy Cutz. Just stay in touch with our website for more info soon. Candy will visit the Netherlands around september / october so it’s easy to understand that we will broadcast a special show around that time with her. Lets prepare for our next show, DOTF’s reunion, coming up september the 17th. DJ’s Arjan V, Spike and Sneaky-D will blast your speakers with oldskool classics!! Signed out,

The Crew.





Back again!

Yes, we have returned from a well deserved vacation! Although we started with a great show last July 2nd, we also enjoyed a lot of festivals over here in the Netherlands, specially DOMINATOR was one event we will not forget … together with almost the whole DOTF crew we had such a great time over there. And of course DJ Vince once again showed why he is still technically the best (early) rave DJ in the Netherlands! After the last sets, the firework and the 'bye-bye' and ‘see you soon’-chats, we went back to Vince’s home and were fulfilled by an experience we will talk about for the next years. DOMINATOR, thx!

And so back to the topic of DOTF, and of course DOTF-radio! As you might have noticed our ‘DOTF on tour’ event have been canceled in the last week. The ‘Cruise2Dance’ organization decided not to deliver the event due to unknown reasons. Pretty fucked up, but maybe this was the best choice for them to make, so better luck next time. We try the best we can to organize a party on our own in the near future, just like we did years ago. Nowadays the house scene is not what it used to be back then, therefore we have a slight doubt if we want our party to be legal, or illegal. Give us some time to think that issue out.

As pronounced in our last DOTF radio show, our crew is expanded with a new member. Her name is Patricia, 33 years young and very very known in the oldskool / rave scene. Patricia showed us to be capable of doing several activities for DOTF. First and most of all, she will be our DOTF house bitch from now on. We, as DJ’s over here, know how to turn the tables but there was a need for someone who could create a bit more structure to our show. Patricia is the one who will take ownership on that point as co-host, of course together with Mar who will keep hosting the radio shows as usual! Though, for questions about our upcoming shows, guest DJ requests, etc. etc., you will have to deal with Patricia from now on… she will be our ‘face’ to the outside world, and we can guarantee that it is no punishment to have a chat with her…. For more info please check our ‘about our DJ’s page' for Patricia’s profile and contact options.

Patricia, welcome to the crew.. and please feel one with the crew!

This month we will answer all your requests for another breakbeat show!! We simply never gained that much reply’s and calls after the back2back session of Vince together with Panic, and so … here we are, presenting you the DOTF BREATBEAT SESSIONS, part II. Stay at home on august 13th.. DJ’s Stanton, Vince, Panic, Taa, C.mon and the Darkraver will blow your speakers like crazy. Underground shit once created by the name of UK BREAKBEAT, more then eight hours long. Just to make you guys clear, that we listen to your demand!! Nice add on, DJ Panic will give away loads of free tickets for the ‘Raver Baby' event in Vlaardingen. To get one of those tickets you have to be sure to check our upcoming show in real time, leave your cellphone straight next to you and listen to the interviews ..

From now on we will update this site each week, more downloads, more info, more oldskool. Nuff said. Respect, and stay tuned.. see you august 13th!!

The Crew.




DOTF can now be found on Twitter! we often start last minute shows on saturday's, those are not mentioned on this site.
So Twitter makes it ideal for us to share that info with you.

Please follow our Twitter page

The Crew.





Before we even start about our last show (friday the 15th), we demand you to check this out ..

DJ's Panic and Vince, friday the 15th... total madness.

(download section is updated) :)

The Crew.





Friday the 15th you'd better stay at home guys...

20:00 - 21:00
-Z- classics session

21:00 - 23:00
2 hour Jungle / Breakbeat session

23:00 - 00:00
pure freestyle session

00:00 - 01:00
(early) rave and oldskool session

01:00 - 02:00 +
Early rave /gabber session

The Crew.





Some of you guys might remember the crazy show called 'Bassnation' on DOTF radio. We've got a nice scoop for you:

After a good chat between DJ's Onrust and Sneaky-D, they decided to perform together one more time... all night long. We're talking about vinyl, energiehal, sporthallen-zuid, vechtse banen, and most of all ... alcohol and a show during at least 12 hours.

Total Madness ..

More info and schedule etc, can be found @ twitter ASAP.

The Crew.





Last week while in a chat with all the resident DJ's, we decided it would be great to invite some guest DJ's on the next upcoming shows.

So if you have your vinyl packed up in your basement but still would like to 'kick some ass' with the true oldskool sounds... this might be the chance for you to respond on this topic!

We offer you a one hour GIG between the big boys of DOTF, so :

Please email your mixtape URL, together with your name and some more info about your background to

More info on
The Crew.





DOTF goes 2010!!

Another year has been added to the DOTF 'how far will we go' meter. Welcome guys to 2010!

2009 was a great year for DOTF. After some hard work in organizing the shows, we finaly brought to you one thing everyone was waiting for .. 'DOTF Ft. FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO GROOVE!'. With no doubt, Robin Albers will join us once again in 2010, just give it some time.

DJ Vince, 'the name of the game', also he joined us last year. A DJ mostly known for his harder styles in productions and gigs.. but he proved to us all that he is capable of bringing the best of the best in true oldskool classics. Maybe DOTF's best suprise of 2009 .. DJ Vince, and we are grateful....

Also DJ's Panic and Paul showed us their best skills as part of the 2/3 force DJ team. What a night we had then. With DJ Panic as fanatic DOTF resident we only would like to say 'Paul ... lets schedule the next gig @ DOTF bro! ;)'

DJ Ruthless also brought to us once again his amazing ability to bring back memories on a level that no one thought about before. Prop. respect dude!!

Together with this amazing team of artists, we will start 2010 in class ... friday January 15th..with our new years GIG/SHOW.. don't miss it. So check out the schedule banner on the first page of this site for the full line up.

PS. The last show is available @ the download section!!
The Crew.





What could be the right way to submit a news topic after the show with Robin Albers? ....

We guess there is only one way ...


Serious, we never gained that much listeners on the stream before, we never had a vibe like that on our shows before, and we thank GOD for the way everything went that night. DOTF changed its name to 'for those who like to groove' that night, and it was awesome! Robin .. we would like to thank you for the more then great and spiritual evening and night, nuff said. thanks!
To all you listeners of that night, ' yes' .. we decided not to upload the show... and that is for one special reason : october the 30th we wrote history with the 'DOTF Ft. For Those' concept. If you really would like to download the whole show, try hard .. and you will find it. Make Google your best friend.

If possible, we will broadcast a new show this friday the 13th. We can announce more info on wednesday or so ('Mar' handles some family matters). Stay tuned... ...
The Crew.





And yes here we are back again with some updates.

First of all we would like to say thanks to DJ Panic and his crew (Forze DJ team) for their more then amazing show. Also a 'big up' to DJ Paul who really gave it all that night together with Panic! Due to guys like Panic and Paul, we are able to create this underground shit at DOTF... proper respect...
Well, last weeks we thought about the upcoming show and were looking for a nice theme. Out of the blue, Mar came with the idea to do a dedicated 'For those who like to groove'-night! After some few calls to DJ Vince, Stanton and DJ Gijs it was clear... we just needed to do this.
Next step was to call DJ Jaydee A.K.A. Robin Albers, with a very small voice Mar asked him about the possibility to host this very special night. Robin Albers felt good about this, but needed to check his own schedule. Yesterday Robin called to let us know that he is available... in other words, there will be another FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO GROOVE show, after more then 12+ years!!!!!

Now before we get TO excited, there is one final call we are waiting for. Robin received our information and as far as we know this last step is just a formality, but we do not want do dissapoint anyone so this story gets its final approval in the next days. Stay on track with and we will provide you with the latest info!

The Crew.





The DOTF crew is back in full effect!

Our resident DJ Panic contacted us with the demand for a 'DOTF Ft. PANIC' radio show..
Mr. 'Paniek' consolidated his own party/rave at the 10th of october 2009 in the Maassilo (R'dam). This is not just a 'regular' concept setting, far from all that ... this concept is all about the core of true early rave and hardcore!!
Check in october the 2nd for a real pre-party to give you a slice of understanding towards this concept... , we will start at about 20:00 (GTM +1). For once and only this time the WHOLE ... FORZE DJ TEAM will be present @ the DOTF studio...

Also DJ's TANGO & CASH and DJ K-OS will make this evening one to be never forgotten.
It's your job to find the (o) 'record' button!!
See you there,

The Crew.





After this years amazing season we decided to enjoy a summerbreak for a short while.

Ofcourse we will be back with the same team of DJ's, but first we are going to reconfigure the studio equipment, take some vacation in Bali and fresh up a little.

Our last show (underground mixtapes) will be only tomorrow friday the 14th.

We would like to say 'thanks' to all you listeners, thanks for the invitations to host a 'DOTF on tour' area and most of all ... see you soon somewhere end of september.

The Crew.






Backscene we are working on the next 'DOTF on tour' just as we did years ago. The DOTF DJ's are ready to go for it, but we need some help...

Contact us if :
- You can provide us with a solid location - min. 900 / max. 1500 visitors

- We need 'THE' underground location capable of handling 115+ dB
and hereby we mean not the casual 'disco' or club'. We will organise this party non-profit and are looking for partners in this settlement.

Contact us if you think you have got what it takes



We have gained a lot of feedback about our last early rave show, and it looks like that we will continue this kind of shows in the near future. We had a great evening together with DJ's Vince, Xrazz, Taa, Sneaky-D en Da Lexx! No stress, the download is ready to pick up right here.

Unfortunately we experienced some hick-ups (stereo problem) in the stream, we are about to fixx this but to do so we need to re-cable a huge amount of studio equip. We will try to do this before the upcoming show.


We will present you this insane line-up for friday July the 31st. Only the best of the best will represent the forgotten sounds of oldskool house.


The Crew.





Finaly we can provide you with the extreme well done set of DJ panic!!

As he told us before the gig, he did a UK breakbeat set with a big wink to real early rave. Time for you all to download this one big time!

Go check it out, this one is for the real fans of DJ PANIC!
Check out the download.

The Crew.




It's been a while ;)

We are sorry for the kind of delayed update..

In the past weeks we tried to correct the several errors on this site. The contact page was (again) not working, with the help of our friends Marius & Marnix we now can finally say that it works! So if you would like to contact us, just pick the 'contact' button and all should be fine. Also we are working on a photo-page, it will be online next days.

Our download section also changed for a small bit, from now on please just click on the file instead of 'right click and save as'. We created an extended databased website that will represent ALL DOTF's shows EVER done by us from the very first day on. This project is in 'beta phase' so you will only find the lasted shows at this moment but that will change in the near future. (Big thx 2 Marnix for this!)
At this moment our download section provides you with the latest solo show by Sneaky-D. An amazing 4 hours of club classics, oldskool and breakbeat. Got to check that one out.
Check out the download.

Our next show will be broadcasted june the 12'th, see you there!

The Crew.



A message from Mar


To all you listeners, DJ's, fans etc ... thank you so much for the best night of my entire life!

DJ's like Vince, Jeff London, Stanton, Gijs, Darkraver, Ruthless, Lars, Panic, PeRu, and so on... spinned the wheels of steel like crazy motherfuckers! It was a night to remember.... i assure you!
It was a first-timer for DJ Vince @ DOTF, and damn did he liked it. Within the near future he will also bring some friends from the Shadowlands-community towards our studio. Be prepared for that soon!! Expect DJ's like Xrazz, Tango&Cash and ofcourse our ultimate friend DJ Taa! More info soon.

Fact is that more and more DJ's understand the meaning of DOTF and its concept. That's a good thing to experience after all those years of hard work. The resident list is about to be expanded, just check it out in a few days for your own pleasure.

For now, download our last show (Mar's birthday bash) like crazy! We needed some time to recover from all the alcohol, but hey ... DID we had a great time!
Check out the download.

Our next show will be broadcasted in about a few weeks, keep in touch with this website for more info.

Mar // DOTF





Friday the 3rd of April it’s gonna happen, the forze behind DOTF, 'Mar' aka Sneaky-D is about the celebrate his 32nd birthday.


Time for a party, and not just a regular party!!

Throughout the years several people spend a lot of time to make DOTF to what it is today. The main man, 'Mar', was on a mission and despite many lost battle’s and a lot of unexpected situations, which had cost a lot of money, he afterall achieved his goal. And because of the success DOTF now finally has, it was possible to have an asskicking line-up for his birthday bash..!!

The men who will show up on the 3rd of April at the DOTF Studio’s and will make sure you are going to hear the deepest underground sound, the dopest oldschool tunes, all for the fame and glory and because they are proud to be part of DOTF, the men who know what oldschool is all about are;

- Reza
- Stanton
- Panic
- Lars
- Vince
- Ruthless
- Darkraver
- Bass
- Sandro Estania
- Jeff London
- Gijs
- PeRu

Expect a show like you’ve never heard before.

This evening, night, morning or however long it may take is going to make you realize that DOTF is nothing like all the other radio stations, DOTF is the one and only true oldschool online radio station, only for those who understand what the sound is all about. Make sure you don’t miss a second of this crazy birthday bash.!

It’s time for a party, DOTF style..!! 3rd of april.

The DOTF crew.




Upcoming show canceled

No big suprise at all, our upcoming show friday the 13th has just been canceled. Jeff London is at home with a serious flu, Stanton and Bass are unavailabe due to family business and so on. We have to cancel the whole show, sorry for that, better luck next time.

DOTF's Underground Part II

Ofcourse we don't leave you guys behind without a nice deal.
Last friday Sneaky-D & DJ Bass went more then crazy in a insane extra show called 'DOTF's Underground', part II. Normaly we don't upload this type of (non scheduled) shows. Because of the lost of our upcoming show, we uploaded 'DOTF's Underground part II'.

Download, enjoy and go crazy on it!!!

More news soon, stay tuned.
The DOTF crew.




Last show

Yo did you checked out our last show? We hope you did, it was one crazy son of a biatch! Dj Ab started with a club-kinda-set, after that Dj's Stanton and Reza went crazy in a one-on-one battle! The closing gig was done by Sneaky-D and Jeff London (last one, is insane in the brain.. more about that later) Check out the download, a must have!


We received a great amount of emails about our last shows, thank you all for that! 2008 was a year we describe as 'low utilized', we simply had the need for some rest and therefore didn't broadcast at the frequency we did in 2007. But hey, 'weeere backkk!'
Next shows coming up :
Friday the 13'th of februari
We will gather a great line up for this freaky Friday, stay tuned for the flyer and DJ-list!
Mar's / Sneaky-D's birthday ellende!
This show will be broadcast live April the 3th, Dj's like Stanton, Panic, Jeff London, PeRu, and many many more have already committed to join this one! Stay tuned for more info!
For now, download our last show and be prepared for the next one, peace out.
The DOTF crew.




DOTF vs 2009

We are going to rock this year as we did last 2008! Most of us are still trying to recover from all the alcohol and shit, but hey .. we will make it. We wish you all the best for this new year, make it all happen as you told yourself last 2007/2008 :P


Remember our last show?
This friday january the 9th we will bring you our first show this year!!

Together with DJ's Ruthless, PeRu, Tumbler, Jeff London and Sneaky-D we will once again pump up your stereo in full effek! It might be a few days to late to unbottle the champagne and so on, but hey ... it's DOTF .. who cares.

See you this friday @ DOTF RADIO... freestyle time!!!




New Resident DJ

All the way from Poortugaal, DJ PeRu joined our resident DJ -list. Check out his stats at the 'about dj' -page.

PeRu, feel welcome man, and turn up the bass @ DOTF!!

This saturday the 13th of december DOTF will bring you a pre-christmas show! Stay in touch with this website to get the full details on this one! With a little bit of luck, you might see/hear 'the ultimate hero of swingbeat and hiphouse 'Mr The Chief' - Tony Scott', that night!

More info soon.



Next show will be announced soon, stay in touch with our website!!




Last DOTF show

The plan was to organize a great show with those real club classics only. DJ Stanton could not join the evening due to some family issues, so we decided to delay the show cause we wanted to do this gig with all four of us. (Gijs, Stanton, Sneaky-D and Ab)

The moment we decided to cancel the whole show DJ PeRu showed up! Together with him we made a great show and it is ready for download at the download section. More then six hours of DOTF radio Ft. Sneaky-D and DJ PeRu. (a must have!) We asked PeRu to join our resident list and he accepted that as a great opportunity, and so we did! Check his stats next week in the resident list found at the 'about us' section.

Our next shows are about to be confirmed. We called DJ's Gizmo, Darkraver, Pita and our steady residents to form a solid team for the upcoming fridays. Just give us some more days so we can confirm it for real.



Next show will be announced soon, stay in touch with our website!!





Man .. last Friday was not ‘just another day at the office’!

what a night we had! Our newest resident DJ ruthless showed up with a bag full of oldschool vinyl. But before he could hit the decks ….. there where DJ’s Spike and Sneaky-D who showed their skills: Finally some real hiphouse sounds at DOTF Radio for more then just one hour. We had a great amount of emails and phone calls about those two, some how Hiphouse is not dead at all.. something we will keep in mind for our future shows.

This crazy dude DJ Ruthless started around 22:00. What we didn’t knew : he had about three gigs next day. As time went on, Ruthless started a battle with DJ Sneaky-D. Those two went crazy on each other’s tracks! If you want to add this recording to your DOTF core collection please go to the download section.. you’ll find it there!

Ruudloos ... thanks dude for joining our team!


We know how to drill this kind a shit, way way back we started with a DOTF show for about 24 hours, within minutes we had so much DJ’s that wanted to join us in our record attempt… that we ended with 48 hours of pure mixing!

Previously on DOTF:

DOTF 24/48 Hours
DOTF 72 Hours
DOTF 96 (100 Hours) !!!!

At this moment we are working on our next record attempt,
DOTF Radio … the 144 hours (feb. 2009)

What we need :

Oldschool DJ’s (the ones who can spin for hours!)
Hiphouse / Swingbeat DJ’s
Early Rave DJ’s
Oldschool Club DJ’s
UK Breakbeat DJ’s
UC / Jump DJ’s

Join us in this one but be aware, we are looking for the real deal
try to understand our concept and join us in that. If you think you got what it takes, email us!

This is your chance to spin the tables . . proof to us that you are able to do this!


We found out that our contact page isn’t working the way it should. For that reason please use your email :
We are fixing the problem asap.


Yess .. to be honest we never took the time to understand the simplicity of this ‘new’ hype … ‘HYVES’.
Though from now on we are online with our Hyves profile. (Dutch only). Find us at :

(Miguel thanks mate for being the administrator!)

DOTF the movie!

About four years ago we created a DVD documentary about DOTF. Our plan was to sell the DVD’s and use the money to finance our future studio upgrades. Unfortunately we had a great risk to get caught in selling this DVD’s illegal, so we decided to provide it for free by uploading it to the internet. At this moment we are working on a special DOTF 78 hours DVD which will be available in spring 2009.

THREE YEARS OF DOTF (dutch only)

Next show will be announced soon, stay in touch with this website!!




The crew is back in place, damn did we had a f#cked up summertime in the Netherlands. Most of us went to Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia.... give the dutch some more days and we can skate the lakes over here ;) Crazy weather!

So.. DOTF is back on track?

Yess we are, presenting our next show this friday 20:00 (GMT +1)

Sometimes we spinn hiphouse tracks, the sounds of the 80's and early 90's that made house music what it is todays. This friday we will bring you the whole decate of hiphouse!! Mostly brought to you by DJ's Spike and Sneaky-D.

Also we have our fresh new resident DJ RUTHLESS.. this guy is known for his harder sounds but for real , .. he created a oldschool set last show at DOTF . . . people still talk about it, insane!!

DJ FRANTIC FREAK will close this stream-night. A couple of days ago he and Sneaky-D performed on a test-stream @ DOTF. As our newest resident DJ this guy is the man for the job... stay tuned.

Hosting will be done by : Mar,

Tune in 20:00 GMT +1 , and make this session part of your all time core-collection.

Keep ya all updated.
The crew.





Make some room in your daily schedule for this friday! DOTF radio is going to bring you all.. what you've been waiting for.

What to expect?

'OLDSCHOOL' is the word for this friday, brought to you by the finest DJ's around in the Netherlands.

Get ready for five hours of non stop LIVE underground sounds presented by DJ's :

- Stanton
- Gijs
- Ab
- Ruthless
- Sneaky-D
- Jeff London

Hosting will be done by : Mar, Jeff and Ab.

Tune in 20:00 GMT +1 , and make this session part of your all time core-collection.

Keep ya all updated.
The crew.



Startup issues

Well it might have been to good to be true, as we encounter various issues with our current broadcast server. For that reason we disabled our 24/7 stream and bought a new server. This server will arrive next week! So we have to deal with a week of silence at our stream ... :(

Keep ya all updated.
The crew.



DOTF back on track

Missed us? Good to hear, we missed you guys also. Last week we had some company of the 'Buma Stemra', a dutch organisation which protects author licensed music. They gave us the simple choice to stop with our activities or make them legal and continue. 'What to do what to do' .. we asked ourselves. 'Why not make the whole shit legal and get things real nice done with DOTF?' - Stanton said. As a result of that we payed 'Buma Stemra' and offer you our new concept today!
What to expect?
First of all we dediced to re-configure our website and switched back to the old webdesign. To make our statement real clear for the whole world we translated everything in english. (hope you don't mind the shitload of gramatical mistakes we often make)

'Wait a second, why not broadcast 24/7?'

Well DJ Gijs was right about that, why not? And so we installed a nice server and 'ripped' our vinyl collection to digital audio formats. You can join our stream at this moment... DOTF Radio is 24/7 as we speak!

What about the live shows?

They will continue! We are thinking about two or three live shows each month. To make it real solid we also contacted a few DJ's that wanted to join our resident list. Ruthless, DJ Ab and DJ Reza are true oldschool heroes, be sure to check them out in our live shows!

DOTF on your cellphone?

If you own a cellphone that runs on the Symbian OS (for example the latest nokia series) this means that you can join our stream even by phone! Want to know about the details? Check out this link : S60 internet radio

Keep ya all updated.
The crew.